Safe Browsing (Safe Browser)

The Safe Browser will be a internet browser which blocks websites with keywords.

Blue_block Submitted by Tyler Amos
Interactivism // Think Kids Pitch Day
How can we use tech to help under 18s get the most from the web and stay safe?

My idea is to create a Internet Browser that will block certain websites and pop-ups. The browser will do this by searching for keywords in the webpage, like "sex" or "age restricted material". The browser will search for these words when a user loads a webpage, and if they are found - the user will be redirected back to their homepage, or if that contains foul words - google search. There will also be an error message to say why they were redirected, and if they feel this is an error, they can submit the website to be added to the safe sites. My idea solves the challenge because it allows for control over internet filtering, this will mean that keywords will be avoided whilst browsing the web, and updates will be regular once users begin using the software. Or i may look into having the "safe sites" hosted on a web server so users will not have to update their clients. My idea isnt necessarily different from others out there, but it has potential to be. The idea of blocking keywords means that websites containing age restricted material will be inaccessible. A back entrance may be to just use a different browser, but I may implement a piece of software which tracks other browsers usage, and then email the parents so they can ask about the usage. If i finish this project it could have real uses, maybe even link in with another browser which wants to offer this type of support.

  • Tim Davies
    18 Oct at 14:22

    Keyword filtering is very prone to over blocking of sites - restricting children and young people's access to legitimate content (try visiting the essex county council website on a web connection with keyword filtering...).

  • bill smith
    07 Nov at 22:32

    Isn't this available already?

  • Richard Allen
    12 Nov at 14:39

    Sites/Pop ups could use images instead of text to display adverts/links/content. In-fact I think there are already some porn sites doing that to get round some other filtering software