Protection of Children and the Integrity of the Net

DNS and censorship firewalls combined with modified browsers to protect children

Red_block Submitted by Dan Ram
Interactivism // Think Kids Pitch Day
How can we use tech to help under 18s get the most from the web and stay safe?

A DNS could be provided to protect the children whereby the parents select the computer user account as a child's one and then the defatult DNS would automatically be altered to it this would have none of the porn websites and offensive websites on the internet; the selection of a child's account would also have the computer automatically routed through a firewall that not only provides moderation but possibly malware protection too (this could be a paid extra but should really be free).

As mentioned by Tyler Amos in an above suggestion certain modified browsers could be supplied too. My only variation to this would be that the browser would be supplied in the OS and would be switched to seamlessly upon the user account status, essentially an IE for adults and an IE for childeren this also means that the computer must have 3 rather than 2 types of account Administrator, Limited, and Child. added to this the browser would utilise the in built moderation feature he mentioned and it would automatically alert the DNS and firewall of the site for re evaluation, by a network administrator/team.

  • Tim Davies
    18 Oct at 14:21

    You might want to take a look at Open DNS who are already providing this kind of service:

  • Richard Allen
    12 Nov at 14:46

    There are a couple of companies that offer solutions simliar to this; OpenDNS, DYN,, etc.etc.

    Issue with a DNS based solution is that it is easy to bypass, you can't always control TTL's/caching and it doesn't stop a child from changing the DNS settings at a router/browser level