Inspire IT Social Bookmarking

Crowdsourced bookmarking curating useful weblinks for young people and families

No_avatar_small Submitted by Jamie Chalmers
Interactivism // Think Kids Pitch Day
How can we use tech to help under 18s get the most from the web and stay safe?

The Inspire IT (IIT) programme at Action for Children provides technological solutions to help families and young people realise the benefits of internet connectivity and social media. Our IIT Community project places internet portals into family and children's centres and we are looking to use social media and bookmarking to help our service users help themselves. The concept is simple. We want to develop a process for our service users to "like" or "love" weblinks, so that we can collate those lists and share them with all of the other Action for Children projects. Services like delicious enable bookmarking and tagging, and bookmarklets are becoming popular thanks to sites like Pinterest, however we need to create a bespoke solution that takes the best of aspects of these existing solutions and allows our service users to share their best web links easily, without needing to sign up to a specific service. We will actively encourage tagging and believe that the subsequent folksonomy of tags will enable the weblinks to be arranged in a myriad of ways. We want our service users to tell us which web sites and web pages make a beneficial difference to them, so that we can share that information with other service users in the same way; helping our families and young people to help themselves.

  • bill smith
    07 Nov at 22:44

    Not sure how it differs from Facebook likes, digg etc and is there room for another service? Portals sound a bit aol!