online banking style confirmation that you are who you say you are online

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Interactivism // Think Kids Pitch Day
How can we use tech to help under 18s get the most from the web and stay safe?

Safe friend would use a central database to identify that you are who you say you are online.

all schoolkids would be issued with a number or user name and a hsbc online banking style number generator keyring fob.

to log into all social sites they would have to verify that it is them by putting in their user name and the security key shown.

their facebook etc would then have identity confirmed logo and their real name and or photo displayed.

if chatting with other"kids" on email etc before meeting them they can say whats your id - that person tells them their number and their unique one of code that confirms who they are on the database on an easily accessible website.

this unique code from the security fob stops people stealling childrens identities as they would need the number/user name and the security code.

also more secure than passswords and could be used in anything online.

training can be given when they receive it at school.

kids free to chat to random people but if they/parents need to identify them its quick, easy and secure.