Rexi (Network)

a newsocial networking platform that is targeted for patients within a hospitals

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How can we use tech to help under 18s get the most from the web and stay safe?

Rexi (Network)

Is a new social networking platform that is targeted for patients within a hospital that people in a prolonged hospital stay, can use this social network to exchange thoughts, photos or meet new people within the hospital.

With Rexi you can also chat with your friends, you can also make new friends with other patients in other departments are in the hospital. Rexi you can also connect to this network of hospitals where patients can exchange experiences and make friends with other patients from other hospitals.

Rexi Pro

Rexi Pro also offers doctors and specialists, nurses or other specialists through this network or networks communicate with each other, within this social network also offers specialists with each other to communicate with each other.

You can add your colleague doctors or specialists and sharing experiences, or development, Rexi Pro is perfect for specialists within the health sector to communicate with each other or networks.